As a child in South America, I spent hours in my grandfather’s city terrace where he had created a heaven for himself.

As we came out of his kitchen’s old French doors onto a courtyard covered with heavily scented grapevine. We would say hello to his parakeet, Coqui. Grandpa grabbed his box of garden tools and up a spiral stair case we went into his special retreat.

In the middle of downtown Buenos Aires my grandfather created an amazing contained garden.

A flower paradise in vintage footed bathtubs and huge iron urns. We wore straw hats and grandpa would talk to me about roses and bible stories.

After taking meticulous care of all his plants, we would come back down and sit on rockers in the courtyard. Grandma always had chilled green tea waiting for us and so I would rock back and forth like the jasmine and honeysuckle scented breeze.

These are my first memories of flowers. To be transported to these memories through my work is a privilege. I look forward to creating new memories with you!